Fallout from Aspen's New Year's Eve bomb

New Year's Eve bombed in Aspen, thanks to James Chester Blanning, the 72-year-old who thought it would be a blast to threaten city officials with "mass death" and planted four bombs around town. Even as authorities were clearing out sixteen square blocks on one of downtown Aspen's biggest nights of the year, Blanning was writing out a will and preparing to commit suicide.

Now, according to the Aspen Daily News, ten restaurants that suffered big losses on New Year's Eve -- Kenichi, Bad Billy's, D-19, Dish, Elevation, Jimmy's, Mezzaluna, Social, Syzgy and the Steak Pit -- have hired a law firm and plan to sue Blanning's estate for their losses that night.

Bet Denver restaurants that had disappointing New Year's Eve turnouts wish they could do the same.


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