Fancy dancin' at Katie Mullen's

It's already got four bars, a full menu, big crowds and, in my opinion, the best Guinness pour in the city.  It has a prime location (at 1550 Court Place) for foot traffic, a big patio and an entire hotel's worth of captive customers.  So what else could Katie Mullen's possibly need?

Dancing, apparently.  Because an application for a cabaret license is currently posted on the big front windows, with a hearing slated for June 11 when Katie Mullen's will officially ask the city for permission for some fancy dancin' by its patrons (and the live music that said dancin' would require). But there's one thing the owners of this big Irish bar want to make perfectly clear: This will not be dancing of the naked variety.  It says so right there on their application.

But then, that's just their opinion.  Get enough pints in me and Christ only knows what might happen...

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