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Reader: Forget In-N-Out, Denver Needs More Family Businesses

Reader: Forget In-N-Out, Denver Needs More Family Businesses
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In-N-Out Burger is finally coming to Colorado, with plans to open a location in Colorado Springs in late 2020, with more to follow. Shake Shack added two links in metro Denver. A few Austin-based concepts are making inroads in the Mile High City, including Torchy's Tacos, Uchi and Chuy's. Giordano's, the legendary Chicago pizza joint, opened a spot on the 16th Street Mall in 2018.

All that out-of-state action had us wondering about other transplants that might actually be welcomed here, and inspired our list of "Restaurant Chains We Want to See in Denver in 2019."

Readers shared some of their own cravings...and concerns.

Says Dom: 
In-N-Out is the most overrated restaurant of all time.
Replies Robert:
 I'll take Whataburger over any other chain.
Responds Chris: 
Fatburger, Five Guys and Blake's Lotaburger from New Mexico, which is the best of all of them.
Adds Power: 
When I lived in Austin, and when In-N-Out came to town, the taste was different and not in a good way. Nothing beats the taste of the ones from Vegas or California. I've done plenty of comparisons. Unfortunately, I'm thinking the same will happen when they come to Denver.
Comments Matthew: 
How the world choked to death on a hamburger.
Suggests Josh: 
How about less fast-food chains?
Adds Patrick:
 And not celebrating the opening of more crap nutrition.
And Bhavisha concludes:
 The U.S. is full of chain restaurants. We need families to open up businesses so that food is authentic.
Keep reading for more on these culinary transplants.
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Danielle Lirette
"First Look: Burger Fans Descend on Shake Shack"

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"Chicago Invader Giordano's Is Now Serving Deep-Dish on the 16th Street Mall"

Arnold Gatilao at Flickr
"Restaurant Chains We Want to See in Denver in 2019"

While a few of the culinary transplants moving into Denver are upscale restaurants, such as Uchi, most are fast-food chains that have gained fans around the country. For Denver natives who’ve been raised on homegrown concepts like Quiznos, Noodles & Company, Smashburger and the traitorous Chipotle, some of these outsiders have an exotic allure.

Meanwhile, natives of New York, Chicago and other urban enclaves now living in the Mile High City hunger for the tastes of home. And are willing to wait for them: Witness the lines outside Giordano's when it opened this fall.

What spots do you yearn to see open in Denver? Or are there already enough chains here? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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