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Fat Jack's Supersubs expanding on Colfax, with local art...and seats!

Fat Jack's Supersubs, a local sandwich chain, is adding a few new things, including a fourth location in Stapleton, local art...and chairs.

Until now, none of the Fat Jack's locations have had inside dining options -- they've been carryout and delivery only -- but the store at 1245 East Colfax Avenue is now being expanded to include seating complete with tables painted by local artists, a patio and vintage arcade games. The inside seating will be unveiled next week, and to celebrate the expansion Fat Jack's will offer daily specials the first week of January.

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This modest chain got its start in 2000 when the Ward brothers -- Ryan, Jeff and Mark -- decided they wanted to open a sandwich shop with a "neighborhood feel," then added a second location in 2003 and the third in 2010. In September, the Wards sold the business to Kyle and Brooke Fabra, who plan to run the stores as a local, family business committed to the community -- including local artists and musicians.

"We have members from Achille Lauro, Speedwolf, Science Partner, Twin Peaks and MF Ruckus that work at all three of our locations," says Megan Adams, director of marketing and sales for Fat Jack's (and sister of Brooke Fabra).

The commitment to local art extends to the decor. "Of course, we were sure to do it in true unique Fat Jack's style, by having our awesomely creative employees, local tattoo artists and other Denver artists collaborate on a project of painting art on our tables," Adams adds. "The art consists of everything from a sandwich riding on a unicorn to a street view of Colfax complete with Denver landmarks. So far, everyone who has seen the tables has been quite entertained. Definitely a sight to see!"

And Fat Jack's is so local-centric it could give a fat footlong what the national chains are up to. Asked about those competitors, Adams replies: "Hmmm. Well, Arby's and Subway can battle it out in corporate-conglomerate world, but we prefer to chill and keep it local, fresh, and awesome -- and we think our Denver area peeps prefer the same."

I tried one of the Fat Jack's subs -- the "Cheese Head" made with Cheddar and pepperjack cheeses, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, red onion and alfalfa sprouts on a chewy-outside-smooshy-inside white French roll -- and it was a noble cheese sammie, especially with the addition of Fat Jack's signature spicy pickled giardiniera.

I'm looking forward to sampling the "Big Baller" meatball sub on my next try, and since Fat Jack's delivers until 3 a.m. on the weekends, even with all that new seating at the Colfax store, I may go for a scrumptious, lazy late-night snack at my house. The art won't be as good, though.

The other two Fat Jack's locations are at 6603 Leetsdale Drive and 4101 East Evans

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