Fat people make you fat!

When you go out to eat, no matter how hard you fight, you may lose the battle of the bulge. That's because if your server is overweight, you will order more food and like it, according to a new scientific study.

The universities of British Columbia and Arizona, in conjunction with the school of business at Duke University, investigated the habits of consumers, studying how much food they ordered and comparing that with the size of their server.The study used student volunteers as the diners and had a hottie wearing a fat suit as their server.

The researchers determined that even if students were dieting, they ordered more food than they normally would when their order was taken by the beached whale server. But the reverse was also true: If the server looked fit, the students followed their standard dietary habits when ordering. In other words, the research showed that around like-minded bodies, you mimic what's being ordered or eaten.

The project was designed to help quell the rising rate of obesity in this country, where 66 percent of all adults are overweight or considered medically obese.

To do your bit in combatting this scourge, when visiting a fast-food joint today, make sure your your order is taken by a size 6 and not a size 16. Enjoy your lunch.

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