Fat Tuesday's Pina Colada at the Tavern Downtown

There are very few times when I don't care what I'm drinking. Fact is, I'm usually the annoying person asking the bartender what brand of bitters he's using and the ounce measurements of the martini glasses. I love and respect cocktails, their history and the people who craft these spectacular drinks. That said, there's a time and a place for everything — and when the place is the new rooftop patio of the Tavern Downtown, I'm willing to drink just about anything. And have. Still, I'm a sucker for the Tavern's Fat Tuesday cocktail ($6.50), a fruity drink that transports me back to those underage days when I would score banana daiquiris at some bad chain restaurant in Aurora. Made from a mix from the Fat Tuesday Corporation, these cocktails — available in such flavors as Piña Colada, 190 Octane and Hurricane — are extremely potent and pack a huge alcohol punch without any alcohol taste. Fortunately, there's plenty of room for you to act out at the Tavern, where the deck has grown into 11,000 square feet of fun, centered around a giant new bar. This rooftop was always ground zero for pre/post Rockies action, but with this new renovation, it could become my go-to happy-hour patio on sunny days — all 300 that Colorado enjoys each year.

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Nancy Levine
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