Faux meat options just got more plentiful

Just add water! So say the instructions for two new vegetarian meat products now available from Fort Collins-based Harmony Valley Foods. Not exactly the most appetizing way to imagine your next burger, but according to the company, the overall energy savings of its fake meat mixes handily beat out that of their frozen competitors.

"It's better for the environment," says Harmony Valley's marketing director Andrea Ritter. "When we came up with this product, we didn't want it to be refrigerated. We wanted it to be more flexible." Unlike the majority of their competitors -- Boca, MorningStar and the like -- Harmony Valley's hamburger and breakfast sausage mixes can be stored on regular supermarket shelves, saving the expense of refrigerated transport and storage.

Currently available at the Fort Collins Whole Foods only, Ritter says the company is in the process of rolling out the products to Whole Foods stores nationwide. The mixes should be available in Denver in the next month or so she says. The 5.7 ounce packets sell for $3.99 a packet.

The soy-based product is vegan and Kosher.

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