Fed up with restaurants? You'll never be a member of the FEDUPs

Foodies Eating Diverse and Unusual Platings (FEDUPs) is what we call ourselves. There are ten of us, plus the occaisonal "understudy" who is invited when not everyone can attend our once-monthly get-togethers at restaurants across the vast ethnic spectrum in and around Denver....The FEDUPs have made it a mission to sample every cuisine we can poke our forks into.

So writes Stephen Crout, leader of the FEDUPs, in this week's Cafe feature, which follows the FEDUPs to Phoenician Kabob.

That's the Middle Eastern restaurant at 5709 East Colfax Avenue, a place far better than its unprepossessing address would have you believe. The FEDUPs were very pleased with their meals, "near ecstatic in some cases," Crout reports.

But then, the most notoriously finicky FEDUP was not present that day. And that's because Sanjo -- Crout's nom alimentaire for Jason Sheehan -- was not able to make it that day. Westword's former restaurant critic had a much more pressing engagement in Seattle. Too bad for him -- but that left more fouel mudammas for the rest of the FEDUPs.

Read all about it here tomorrow.

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