Feeling chili? Send us your best recipe and win a DINR deck

Last Friday, I won the 5th Annual Celebrity Chili Cook-Off, hosted by the Denver Press Club, and benefitting the Women's Bean Project. It was a sweet and spicy victory for a guy who's been making red chili for a dozen years with little recognition.

You can read about my adventure, along with my recipe for Medical Chilijuana, here.

Don't cry bitter tears if you chili has never won a cook-off, though. Tears don't taste good mixed with peppers anyway.

Instead, post or send your recipes or your tales of chili mayhem to café@westword.com).

The person who sends in the best story or recipe will win a coveted DINR deck. These packs of 52 cards offer $10 discounts at local independent restaurants and are a $50 value. Want to buy one? Head to the Tattered Cover or www.eatdenver.com.

In the meantime, check out this great recipe (linked) from reader Brian Green, who also uses chipotle peppers in adobo sauce in his Chili for Pets.

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