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Fero's space for lease, six months after five murdered there

Six months after Fero's Bar & Grill was the site of a crime night that left five people dead, the space is for lease...with little sign left of its previous occupant, or of the murders committed there.

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Young Suk Fero had owned the neighborhood watering hole for almost thirty years.

She still worked twelve hours a day at the spot, where a framed certificate of the Best of Denver award that Fero's won for Best Martini and Tofu in 1990 still had a place of honor.

Fero was in the bar early on the morning of October 17, along with Kellene Fallon, Tereasa Beesley, Ross Richter and and Daria Pohl, when three men came in, apparently intent on robbery. They murdered the five people in the bar, then set a fire, allegedly to cover the crime. Three suspects -- Dexter Lewis, Joseph Hill and Lynell Hill -- were quickly arrested and are in jail awaiting trial.

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