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Fifteen most annoying restaurant website mistakes: Please stop it

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15. Posting two-inch-long menus that need a scroll bar. Stupid.

14. Posting a separate PDF for every single effing menu. Ironic that you've now littered our desktops with your menus full of organic food.

13. Requiring us to use to make a reservation and posting "No Phone Calls, Please." Isn't this the hospitality business?

12. Keeping a "blog" but not updating the thing, ever. People do look at that. Update it or delete it.

11. Slide shows. Just give us all the food porn on a single page. It's not like you're counting on page views.

10. Or worse, not posting pictures of your food. At all. This town is full of photographers. Pay someone to do it; customers lap up food porn.

9. Inserting garish social media buttons on every page of your site, above, you know, the actual information about the website.

8. Using Adobe Flash to post your address and contact information so we can't copy and paste that address into Google maps.

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