Figgy's Manhattan at Steuben's

One of the very few New Year's resolutions I may manage to keep is my vow to lessen my carbon footprint in 2009 by supporting independent restaurants and bars. The rest of this year's resolutions (to stop swearing, speeding and eating simple carbohydrates) have already gone out the window. Yes, I understand there are people working at chains who need support, too, but truth be told, I wouldn't mind if OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC, which owns Outback Steakhouse (along with seven other big-name chains) went bankrupt. Of course, I'd feel bad about local workers who lost their jobs, but with so many chefs and restaurateurs in Denver devoting their lives and every penny they have to providing great food and drink in this city, I'd prefer to spend my coin supporting them. And places like Steuben's make it very easy. Figgy's Manhattan ($10), winner of the Denver Independent Network of Restaurant's 2008 Holiday Cocktail Competition, is made with carbon-footprint-offsetting, locally produced Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey that's been infused with figs, and Navan Natural Vanilla Liqueur. I've been dreaming about this cocktail since I first tasted it. I am a huge fan of Stranahan's — not just because of its Colorado roots, but also for its distinctive, fiery flavor — and this fig-infused version, with all small-batch complexity, works beautifully in a Manhattan. (You can also ask for it straight from the fermentation tank.) If whiskey isn't your idea of clean-burning fuel, last month Steuben's introduced a new cocktail list full of other imaginative cocktails to mark the 75th anniversary of the end of Prohibition. Do your part for the environment: Drink local.

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Nancy Levine
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