First December opening: a Larkburger in downtown Denver

Later today, we'll post our Restaurant Roll Call for November, a compendium of all the opening and closing action on Denver's dining scene over the last thirty days -- and there's been plenty.

But we expect still more in December, as entrepreneurs hurry to get restaurants open before the end of the year, in order to get a piece of the holiday action.

First up: a new Larkburger, which will open downtown on Saturday, December 1 (despite the sign on the window above). See also: Chef and Tell: Thomas Salamunovich, exec chef of Larkspur and founder of Larkburger - From Tom's Urban 24 to True Food Kitchen :Restaurant roll call for October

The store at 1617 California Street is the tenth Larkburger, a homegrown chain that got its start in 2006 when Thomas Salamunovich, the chef/owner of Larkspur in Vail, opened a little stand-alone restaurant in Edwards that featured the burger he'd come up with through experimentation and long practice. It was "my vision for the perfect burger experience," he explains.

And you can now have that experience along the Front Range, since there are Larkburger locations from Fort Collins to Boulder to Colorado Springs. Although the size of the stores vary, the menu is the same at each spot. And Larkburger will add an eleventh location in mid-December, when one opens in Broomfield.

Watch for more pictures of the new downtown Larkburger here on Monday.

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