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First look: Arch Pizza opens in Park Hill with St. Louis-style pizza

UPDATE: After a year in Denver, Arch Pizza closed all of its metro-area stores in November 2014. The move came on the heels of an aggressive expansion by the St. Louis-style pizza chain, which opened its third store in March.

Last month, comedian and television host Jimmy Kimmel squarely insulted the city of St. Louis when he royally crucified Imo's, a legendary, family-owned St. Louis-style pizza chain that Kimmel described as a "terrible, terrible pizza place," adding that the Midwestern chain, which has additional locations in Missouri, Illinois and Kansas City, also turns out "disgusting toasted raviolis."

There are thousands upon thousands of Imo's loyalists who would vehemently disagree with Kimmel's assessment of the joint's pizza (and toasted ravioli), including Marc Dak, who, along with his wife Stacy, just opened Arch Pizza, which not only serves St. Louis-style pizza but is using the same recipes and ingredients that you'll find at Imo's.

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