First look: Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs

After getting derailed by a rogue electrician, Biker Jim wasn't sure that he'd be open by the first home game of the Colorado Rockies, but after years of hustling wieners from a cartel of downtown carts, he unlocked the doors to his brick-and-mortar, a long labor of love -- and a lifelong dream -- two nights ago, unleashing sausages in a million different manifestations on friends and family.

And they came. And they ate. And they gushed. And Jim, who had originally hoped to open in the fall of last year, couldn't stop beaming. "This is, like, the coolest thing ever," he said, while hopping from table to table last night reuniting with old friends and making plenty of new ones. "Since we're now street food under glass, our new motto is off the streets and into your mouth, and by the looks of things, people are eating it up."

After a VIP party tonight, Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs opens to the public tomorrow at the stroke of 10:30 a.m. -- and he'll stay open till 3:30 a.m.

In the meantime, we were there last night to partake in the wiener romp, and, obviously, we brought back a stash of food porn to make you salivate.

The Waatlander dog: Pork sausage made with white wine and sweet onions, topped with toasted sauerkraut, Dijon cream and beer-battered onions and dusted with tomato-bacon powder. The yak dog: Red wine-infused, black pepper-specked yak dog crowned with bacon aioli, french-fried onions and crumbled cotija cheese. Elk jalapeno dog -- a classic wiener from Jim's cart. Hand-cut, housemade fries. From the bar, a Colorado Sour, concocted with Stranahan's Whiskey, a smidgen of grenadine, a splash of sour and soda with a cherry and lemon ring. The Sonoran Dog: Bacon-wrapped, all-natural beef dog, griddled, topped with pinto beans, tomatoes, jalapenos and onions and zigzagged with mustard and mayo. The off-the-street burger, or, as Jim calls it, the "Dirty Bird." Served on a buttered bun, it's smeared with garlic aioli and apexed with seared poblano peppers, fried green tomatoes, french-fried onions and a yolk-spilling basted egg. The spicy Southwest buffalo dog. The High Mountain Burger: Yak, all dolled up with a bacon and red onion marmalade, Stilton blue cheese, garlic aioli, tomatoes and mixed greens. The Biker Jim kitchen crew. Fried macaroni and cheese. Urp! The Duck Dog: An herb-laden wiener paved with wasabi aioli and topped with caramelized apples and shavings of Irish cheddar. Charred tahini cauliflower, pilfered, says the menu, from a recipe at Udi's. The Wiener Wellington: A puff pastry-wrapped ribeye steak brat blanketed with grainy Dijon mustard, sidewalled with mushroom duxelles and served with bordelaise. Housemade cheesecake, the flavors of which will change daily. Chef Frank Forbeau, who spent the past six years cooking for metal band members involved in the Vans Warped Tours.

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