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First Look: Food at the Riverside joining the Boulder scene

When the venerable John's closed on Pearl Street, Corey Buck, the chef/owner for over ten years, just kept rolling -- right over to the future Food at the Riverside, which will soon open as part of a cooperative office space/events center at 1724 Broadway, right by Boulder Creek. There's no set opening date yet -- which is understandable, given the last few weeks in Boulder -- but the owners are looking at mid-October.

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"Because of the floods, all the city inspections have been pushed back. So we're waiting on them and a few contractors," says David Nestler, one of the owners of Food at the Riverside. Food at the Riverside will be the third component at the collaborative space, which already includes Fuse, an open-layout work and meeting environment, and Agora, an event-hosting space for performance and private events that made its big debut at last month's Boulder Fringe Festival.

Buck will be serving up breakfast and lunch for both the inhabitants of the space and neighbors. "The food will all be sourced locally and seasonally, so the menu is going to change regularly," says Nestler. "There's a lot of quality-driven food that's going to be served."

And there's still more to come for the space. Early next year, the owners plan to open The Cellar, a full-service restaurant in the downstairs area with an emphasis on wine and food pairing.

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Nate Hemmert