First Look: Glazed & Confuzed opens on Leetsdale

Doughnuts have long been associated with a cop's favorite breakfast, but even Homer Simpson appreciates glaze and sprinkles: "Doughnuts. Is there anything they can't do?" asked the famous patriarch of the Simpson family of cartoon characters. As it turns out, doughnuts are on the rise, and Denver appears to want the holed pastries to become their own food group. Not going to happen, but now that Glazed & Confuzed, a joint venture between owners Josh and Ben Hafdahl, who originally sold their doughnuts at farmers' markets and java joints around Denver, is open, there's at least one more reason to sink a hole.

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Their new space, which opened on Friday, features fifteen doughnuts, five of which are signature mainstays, while the remaining ten flavors will rotate on a bi-weekly basis. "From the dough and the glaze to the flavors and the toppings, we do everything from scratch," says Hafdahl, who notes that the reason why their doughnuts aren't uniform in size (unlike some other doughnut dens), is because "we hand-roll and hand-cut everything," the labor of which, he adds, is "intensive."

Sandwiches and doughnuts that sing savory rather than sweet are forthcoming, says Hafdahl, but in the meantime, he and Schwab are selling their sweet doughnuts faster than they can bake them. On Friday, the display cases were empty by 10 a.m., and weekend business was nearly as brisk, leading Hafdahl to encourage those who want one of the joint's sinful maple bacon doughnuts crowned with a strip of pork crack, to rise and shine on the early side.

Luckily, there's coffee from Pablo's to ensure that you can see through the haze of glaze, which doesn't just slick the doughnuts. The quarters, which were designed by LIVstudio, are ceilinged in air-bubbled, lime green glaze drippings, a psychedelic aesthetic that complements the slate gray walls, striped banquettes and rounded burgundy booths illuminated by white cut-out light fixtures. "We built the space the way we did so we can eventually do lunch, birthday parties, holiday parties and office parties, notes Hafdahl, adding that the plan is also to expand their beverage selection, which is currently limited to coffee and sodas.

Glazed & Confuzed is open from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday through Tuesday, although Hafdahl warns that once the display cases are devoid of doughnuts, they'll shut the doors.

Here's a peek at the space, the menu and the doughnuts.

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