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First Look: Prost Fine Beers and Sausages now open in Highland

A new face is showing itself in the Highland neighborhood: Prost Fine Beers and Sausages is now open. Amid the trendy bars and hipster joints, Prost is an unassuming little beer hall tucked into West 32nd Avenue, taking the spot formerly held by Asian-Mexican spot BOA. Bedecked in dark wood with Bavarian-inspired touches, Prost may just fool you into thinking you're in Munich ordering a liter of Hofbräu at a long, bierhall-style table or in the large biergarten out back.

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The spot is Prost's second location; the first opened four years ago in Frisco to serve beer and brats to hungry hikers and bikers. Now, the bierhall's popularity has brought the theme down the mountain, and employees say that the Highland location is looking to bring in the crowds as well. One employee says that happy hour has been attracting a good number of customers, even during the first weeks of opening, including a mixture of devotees of the Frisco outpost and those who are just happy to find a German-style bierhall serving up authentic food and brews.

Obviously, Prost Fine Beers and Sausages may be in for a little friendly competition with Prost Brewing, the German brewery just down the street in LoHi, but the two spots offer different takes on a traditional German experience. For one, this Prost has a full kitchen and menu, including a selection of fourteen different sausages: from veal wurst to their signature Oktoberfest beer and pork brat, to a buffalo green chile and chipotle sausage. Never fear, vegetarians of Denver: they also have a vegetarian sausage. And if bratwursts aren't your thing, there's also a selection of soups, salads and a Bavarian-style meat and cheese plate. The beers are mostly German imports, with twelve on tap and a selection of bottles as well.

Prost Fine Beers has been open for just over two weeks and is having a grand opening party this Saturday, June 26. There will be live music from Those Austrian Guys and a guaranteed beer-fueled good time. In the meantime, check out Prost's website or head over to Highland to sample some beer and brats and enjoy the summer sunshine in the huge backyard biergarten, as long as you're up for making some new friends at those traditional community-style tables.

Read on for more pictures of the new space, menu and garden at Prost Fine Beers and Sausages.

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Kayla Hollenbaugh