First Look: Tokio Stakes a Ramen Claim in the Prospect Neighborhood

After almost twenty years on Old South Gaylord, Miki Hashimoto closed Japon last fall...but while he was leaving Washington Park, he promised that he was not leaving Denver's restaurant scene altogether. This spring, he revealed that he would be opening Tokio, a Japanese restaurant in the cluster of condos and apartments between Coors Field and I-25 known as Prospect. Tokio is now open; photographer Danielle Lirette recently stopped in at the restaurant, which specializes in ramen, sushi and binchotan-grilled meats. Keep reading for a taste of Tokio.

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Tokio's menu features five styles of ramen, plus "ramen air," a vegetarian creation made with soy-milk broth. Fans of ramen already know that Jeff Osaka, chef-owner of the soon-to-be-closed Twelve, will also be opening Osaka Ramen nearby, so the area will be positively awash with noodle bowls.

Tokio also offers a concise sushi list and a variety of meats -- from Kobe beef to Berkshire pork to chicken livers -- grilled over Japanese white charcoal. Also of note is the restaurant's late hours: Tokio is open Monday to Saturday from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. and on Sunday from 6 p.m. to midnight.

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