Fisher Clark hams it up

Fisher Clark Deli

723 South University Boulevard



Spanish Ham and Cheese

Serrano ham, chorizo, manchego cheese, arugula, pear and onion jam on focaccia bread



Yeah, nine bucks is a lot to spend on a sandwich, so Fisher Clark is a place I only go to occasionally. But the ingredients used here are so good and so fresh that I always find a stop is worth it. Particularly when I order a Spanish Ham and Cheese, whose flavors never disappoint. I'm not sure what I like better -- the incredible, tangy-sweet onion and pear jam, or the ham and chorizo, or the soft, fresh focaccia made Bluepoint Bakery-style.


Although the sandwich is called a ham and cheese, the manchego is subtle (and really good, though I had to pull it out to discern that). Fair warning: Try to take small bites, as the meat is piled high and somewhat tough (but in a good way).


Yes, just try to take small bite - if you can. - Jonathan Shikes


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