Five Colorado pot-themed beers to pair with Amendment 64

Will one of Colorado's craft breweries dare to make a pot-infused beer now that Amendment 64 has passed? Probably. After all, cannabis and hops are cousins in the plant world and there are plenty of Colorado types who enjoy both vices. But there are already a couple of beers that have hitched themselves to the THC train.

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Colorado Kind Ale The Mountain Sun and Southern Sun breweries, both in Boulder, and the Vine Street Pub in Denver have long celebrated the connection between pot and hops with Colorado Kind Ale, nicknamed the Dank, one of the company's top-selling beers. Oh, and all three pubs typically tap new beers at 4:20 p.m. Dank IPA Dad & Dude's Breweria in Parker, which recently began canning Dank IPA, a hugely hopped beer, tweeted this today: #Colorado, you are truly a group of pioneers. #Dank translates to "good." I can think of #64 reasons to drink good beer today." Hoppy Boy Twisted Pine Brewing in Boulder began packaging this beer -- with its grassy notes -- in sixteen-ounce cans earlier this year and marketing them as Tall Hoppy Cans -- or THC. Metacool Maltuwanna The Wynkoop has a small brewing system that allows it to jump on pop culture trends quickly with one-off brews like Obamanator, Tebow, Weiner's Wood Oak-Aged IPA and Metacool Maltuwanna, an 8 percent ABV hoppy amber ale made with hemp seed. The beer is gone, but if Wynkoop brings it back, the brewery that was co-founded by Governor Hickenlooper should probably pair it with Cheetos and goldfish. Hazed & Infused Boulder Beer Company loves to remind its fans to "get Hazed" on a regular basis with this hoppy beer, which is sold year-round in sixpacks. C'mon, you know you love to get Hazed in a place as high as Colorado.



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