Five Denver delis where you can get your Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich fix

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While there are many sandwiches in the world, there is only one that achieves perfection without even trying: the Thanksgiving sandwich. And while it's difficult to argue with Thanksgiving dinner -- turkey, stuffing and cranberry -- on a bun, it has been hard to find Thanksgiving sandwiches (also know as Pilgrim sandwiches) in Denver. But that has changed recently. Here are five places where you can get your Turkey Day leftover fix without having to clutter up your fridge. (And to make your own sandwich, check out this obscenity-laden post from our sister paper in Dallas.)

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5) Turkey Cranberry Gouda Spinelli's Market This family-owned treasure in Park Hill doesn't serve a classic Thanksgiving sandwich (there is no stuffing), but it comes achingly close, offering up giant slabs of turkey, combined with Gouda and a fantastic cranberry sauce.

4) P.J. Gobber Pat's Philly Steaks and Subs As I described it four years ago, when I first tried this bird, "real chunks of turkey, rather than deli slices, were buried inside a sweet cranberry sauce and topped with a delicious stuffing, served warm.... The whole thing was wrapped up tightly in a long hoagie roll that made the P.J. Gobbler easy to eat."

3) Harvest Panini The Spicy Pickle I was in stuffing heaven last year when the Spicy Pickle rolled out its limited-time Harvest Panini sandwich, which consisted of turkey, cornbread stuffing, cranberry-cream-cheese spread and grilled onions on rosemary focaccia. But things have gone poorly for the Denver-based chain over the past year:The Pickle closed its Denver locations and now operates only four Colorado stores, all of them in the 'burbs. Still, if you live or work near one of them, the Harvest Panini is worth the trip.

2) Thank You Turkey Which Wich Trying this sandwich for the first time at the relatively new Which Wich location at 2209 East Colfax Avenue marked the turn of the tide for Thanksgiving sandwiches in Denver -- the moment that they were no longer a novelty, but a legitimate year-round option. The sandwich itself is solid -- turkey, cranberry and cornbread stuffing, along with whatever extras you desire, all wrapped up in a delicious log -- and it has a funny name, too.

1) Gobblin' Gobbler Drew's Denver Deli It is perhaps not a coincidence that in October, Drew's Denver Deli moved into the location at Tenth Avenue and Lincoln formerly occupied by the original Spicy Pickle location. This spot has Thanksgiving sandwich karma, mojo, whatever you want to call it. A carryover from the somewhat famous Jimmy & Drew's 28th Street Deli in Boulder, the Gobblin' Gobbler includes slow-roasted turkey, country stuffing, cranberry sauce, cheddar cheese, coleslaw and mayo. And while the cheddar may seem like overkill, you will be very thankful that you tried this Pilgrim-worthy treat.

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