Five food terms that need to be trashed -- right after "session"

"Start sessioning!" That was the cry when Session Kitchen opened last fall, with an emphasis on jam sessions in the art that fills the space, as well as the timing of sessions in the size of its plates. But several months after the restaurant opened, Session Kitchen is downplaying the sessions portion control, and today it's biggest drawback could be the continued use of that trying-so-hard-to-be-cool "session." What other food-related terms are embarrassing to use? Here are five I'd be glad to ban. See also: Session Kitchen hits the right notes after some menu rearrangement 5) Beanies and weenies Generations of kids have loved this dish because they can say it and feel like they're getting away with potty talk. Anyone over the age of seven, however, should stick with hot dogs and baked beans.

4) Fusion This word has been overused to oblivion, making it as meaningless as "natural" in "natural chicken."

3) Mixologist Many bartenders have already backed off the title. It's time for bar-goers to do the same -- provided, of course, they don't switch to the even-worse "beverage dissemination officer."

2) JanuaANY Any chance we can shorten the calendar so we won't have to endure Subway's $5 footlong promotion next year?

1) Nose to tail I praise the approach, but pan the term. When I'm sitting down at a restaurant, the last thing I want to visualize is some poor creature (may it rest in peace) on a farm swishing its tail and sniffing the ground. Though it defies everything your eighth-grade English teacher taught you, sometimes less descriptive is better.

Have your own nominations for food terms that deserve to be trashed? Post them below.

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