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Five hip breweries that will pour beer in Denver next week, but not at GABF

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Black Shirt Brewing Denver

The owners of Black Shirt Brewing are excited to have the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, but never had any intention of attending.

"For us, we feel like its not really the right platform for our beer," says Branden Miller, who founded the brewery at this time last year with his brother and sister-in-law. "For one thing, there is sensory overload. It is so much beer in one place at one time. It is hard to have an impact and create a lasting memory in that short, brief minute."

Like Jester King's Stuffings, Miller wants to concentrate on smaller festivals -- if he even continues to do festivals at all. "They are so nomadic and they happen so quickly. It's hard to capture an audience that way," he says. "I can't fault the festivals for it; it's the nature of it. But it just isn't meaningful for us. We want to actually sit and have an intelligent conversation with people and talk about the beers and how they were made."

Black Shirt will be open all week, though, pouring its carefully-styled beer -- all of which are colored red -- and hosting events, including the tapping of a collaboration beer with Florida's Dunedin Brewing (which also won't be pouring at GABF), and a first anniversary celebration on Saturday, October 12, from 2 to 10 p.m. That event will feature Beet Saison, Coffee Red Porter, Chai Red Ale, Caraway Pale Red, Sticke Altbier, Red Farmhouse, Barrel-Aged Red Ale and Imperial Red Rye Stout; beers will be tapped every hour, and there will also be food and music. You can read about both events in our "Ultimate Calendar to the Great American Beer Festival 2013."

Black Shirt brews will also be available this week at Denver Bicycle Café and in a few restaurants, including Duo, Spuntino, Fuel Café and Old Major.
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