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Five of the Best -- and Worst -- Pumpkin Spice Foods This Year

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5) Baskin-Robbins Pumpkin Cheesecake Ice Cream

It's hard to find a dessert chain that could ever whup Baskin-Robbins at the exploitation of seasonal flavors. The new pumpkin cheesecake ice cream is so rich, beautiful and awesome it makes Kanye look like a wussy bitch at a bus stop. The pumpkin ice cream actually tastes like pumpkin (I don't know how they did that, and I don't wanna know) there are bites of cheesecake and nuggets of gingersnap cookies in it, and the whole affair is glued together with a cheesecakey swirl ribbon.

Of course I tried it the minute I knew it existed. And my whole "I'm getting a single scoop in a cup!" thing went flushy-bye-bye, and I ended up leaving the store half-sick with a sticky mouth and a pint to go. And you will, too.

4) Pepperidge Farm's Pumpkin Spice Baked Trinity

Pepperidge Farm got in the pumpkin spice game with gusto this season, throwing down a trio of pumpkin cheesecake cookies, pumpkin spice Milanos and pumpkin spice swirl bread. The cookies aren't bad, but if you don't like white chocolate, skip them because they are crammed-up with too many white chips. The Milanos are fucking terrible, because the un-winning combo of pumpkin goo and dark chocolate makes them bitter and palate-disturbing.

But the swirl bread makes up for both of these, because it makes the best toast ever-ever, which is the kind that you don't have to compel your own lazy ass to decorate with anything at all; just toaster and done.

3) Chobani Pumpkin Spice Yogurt

The Greek yogurt thing is still a thing, and when you punch the star power of this, plus the ever-growing pumpkin spice trend, you get Chobani's pumpkin spice yogurt cups that really should come in larger tubs. This is by far the best PS'd yogurt so far; Yoplait made a runny, uninspired pumpkin cheesecake flavor last year that ended up in the dairy clearance bin at my local supermarket, but Chobani's version is thick, lightly tangy and tastes like a really fresh scoop of pumpkin pie innards without the Cool-Whip.

My favorite part of this yogurt isn't even how lishies it is, it's all the attention I get eating it on the go -- when people ask about it, want it, and I become the coolest person because I found it first.

For more good and bad pumpkin spice things, read on.

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