Five places to celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day

Time to get your sugar high, Denver. Today is National Chocolate Cake Day, which is an excellent reason to stop into a favorite spot for a slab of something rich, delicious and, above all, packed with chocolate.

Need a suggestion? Here are five places that will give you a fix.

D Bar Desserts

Keegan Gerhard's dessert haven serves up all kinds of delicious sweets, including a molten chocolate cake -- made with valhrona chocolate -- that definitely cures a craving. But we've always had a special place in our hearts for the cake and shake, which pits a classic slice of layered chocolate cake with a cold chocolate or vanilla milkshake or malt.

Crave Dessert Bar & Lounge

Denver's newest dessert bar, located at the base of the Spire, has a plethora of options for cocoa-philes...and a number of ways to celebrate the holiday: a molten chocolate cake complemented by a fresh scoop of raspberry ice cream; a twenty-layer cake infused with peanut butter; a triple-chocolate cake with buttercream and mousse and, if you're more into the idea of drinking your dessert, a couple of decadent chocolate cocktails, too.

Wooden Spoon

This tiny Highland bakery serves up a case full of our favorite pastries in town, which range from tarts to turtles, croissants to cookies. And while the daily lineup varies, there's no doubt a delicious chocolate morsel -- like a flourless chocolate cake bite layered with cakes encapsulated in chocolate fondant or the chocolate dome, which is a big bubble of ganache.


Fancified versions of chocolate cake exist all over the city, but when we're in the mood for a classic, we head straight to Pasquini's, where the dessert comprises rich, fluffy cake layered with chocolate whipped cream and iced with chocolate butter cream. Washed down with a cup of coffee -- or a glass of milk -- it's a simple pleasure, and a throwback to chocolate birthday cakes of childhood.


If you're a firm believer that chocolate is incomplete without peanut butter, you might want to celebrate this holiday with a post-dinner peanut butter crunch at Edge. A half sphere of chocolate-encased peanut-butter mousse supports a long, thin rectangle of chocolate embossed with the word "Edge," while the rest of the plate is filled with a linear sprinkling of peanut-butter crumble and dots of chocolate. It's close enough to cake to count, but purists can also try the chocolate sampler, a flourless chocolate cake in addition to a slew of other cocoa-infused bites.

Know of other great chocolate cakes? Tell us about them below.

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