Five Points needs tacos, tequila and beer

Want to run a restaurant in Five Points? Here's an ad from Craigslist:

Newly renovated and ready-to-go restaurant/bar facility is looking for an owner/operator to run an upscale TACO BAR concept. Located in the heart of Denver's up-and-coming Five Points/Whittier/Curtis Park neighborhood. Facility already has existing liquor license in place, full kitchen with modern equipment, furniture, big-screen televisions, pool table and outdoor patio. This is a golden opportunity for a prospective owner/operator with restaurateur and hospitality experience to take over a "turn key" facility with minimal investment, and open the doors for business within just a few weeks.

One of Denver's "hottest" neighborhoods, many young professionals, young families and artists are moving into Five Points but we lack a good place for tacos, tequila and beer. We currently own and operate the building ourselves, and are looking for an inspiring, hard-working, dedicated and imaginative entrepreneur to bring a dynamic food/taco bar operation to our facility!

The space can't be Zona's, because that forty-year-old spot didn't have a liquor license -- and probably won't be able to get one, given its proximity to a school.

The Rossonian is still looking for tenants, but we doubt the kitchens have been built out there.

Our guess is the great space at 3090 Downing Street that was most recently the unfortunately named Swallows, Blackberries Bar & Grill before that, the Kiva before that, and before that, Tosh's Hacienda.

Tosh's was an institution for close to five decades, starting out as a little storefront, then moving into the 3090 Downing Street building, which had been a church. But by the time Jason Sheehan reviewed Tosh's, it was already going downhill -- and wound up taking several Hacienda offshoots with it.

Five Points could definitely use some tacos, tequila and beer. And 3090 Downing could definitely use a tenant -- whether or not its the focus of this ad.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.