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Five Star Burgers goes dark on Broadway

The Five Star Burgers at 555 Broadway had a lot going for it, even on the restaurant-heavy corner of Sixth and Broadway. The green chile on that big, fat cheeseburger featured real Hatch chiles. If that and the hand-cut fries didn't fill you up, you could order deep-fried banana bread for dessert. There were even plans to book bands for live music on the patio. But the lights at Five Star Burgers have gone out. See also: Five Star Burgers earns its five stars with Hatch green chile

Five Star Burgers is owned by the Taos Restaurant Group, which also owns Old Blinking Light in Highlands Ranch and Taos, and has other Five Star locations scattered between New Mexico, Missouri (that state's burger joint has a special "Iron Skillet" burger smothered in bacon gravy and topped with a fried egg) and metro Denver, where the spot at 2330 East Arapahoe Road in Centennial is still open.

In fact, according to the Five Star website, the Broadway location, is, too -- but last night it was locked up tight, with all signage gone and a dumpster out front.

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