Five things you'll always find in the fridges of the Denver FIVE

Like a lot of voyeurs, I'm intrigued by the contents of other people's refrigerators, especially the refrigerators of chefs. And, apparently, so is Leigh Sullivan, the innovator behind FIVE -- five local chefs and their bar cohorts, all of whom cook (and pour) at various restaurants and venues around the state, including the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen; they also head to the James Beard House in New York every September to kick some Denver whoop-ass.

Sullivan polled past and present chefs and bartenders from FIVE, and asked them what they stocked in their refrigerators at home. Pickles, butter and mustard were popular answers, but at least one chef admitted to lining his shelves with gummy worms. Here's a rundown of what you'd find if you poked your head behind their closed doors.

Mark DeNittis Il Mondo Vecchio

In his fridge: Il Mondo Vecchio giardiniera Il Mondo Vecchio calabrese soppresate Peroni, Campari or Aperol Tripe Orange marmalade

Jamey Fader Executive chef, Lola and culinary director of Big Red F Restaurant Group

In his fridge: Sriracha Limes Roasted garlic Every mustard known to man Eggs

Brian Laird Executive chef, Sketch

In his fridge: Juice Yogurt Frozen fruit for smoothies Mustard Pickles for my son, Darius

Enrique Socarras Former executive chef, Cuba Cuba

In his fridge: Assorted cheeses Pickles Eggs Cola Salad greens

Brandon Biederman Chef, Steuben's

In his fridge: Superfood Session beer Apple juice butter Cottage cheese Greek yogurt

Paul Reilly Former chef/owner, Encore

In his fridge: Eggs Cabot aged cheddar San Pellegrino Onions White wine or beer

Samir Mohammad Executive chef, Village Cork

In his fridge: Sparkling wine of some sort Gummy worms or bears Butter Orange juice Wide selection of hot sauces

Matty Selby Executive chef/owner. Vesta Dipping Grill and Steuben's

In his fridge: Mustard Salumi Cheese Barbecue sauce Orange juice

James Lee Owner/operator, Bitter Bar in Boulder

In his fridge: Carpano sweet vermouth Cocchi Americano Dolin French vermouth Citrus Bacon Jenna Johansen Former executive chef, dish in Edwards; currently a contestant on Around the World in 80 Plates on Bravo

In her fridge: Unsalted butter Pickles Rose or bubbles Fresh lemons and limes Greek yogurt

Bryan Dayton Co-owner/Mixologist, Oak at Fourteenth, Boulder

In his fridge: IPA Tortillas Sweet vermouth Soda water Milk for the kiddos

Jonathan Greschler Bartender/sommelier, Fuel Cafe

In his fridge: Spicy mustard White wine Butter Roasted peppers Manhattan special coffee soda when I can get, otherwise it's Budweiser.

Tyler Wiard Executive chef, Elway's Cherry Creek

El Yucateco green habanero sauce Homemade kimchi Fuji apples Serrano chiles Plochman's school bus mustard

Goose Sorensen Executive chef/owner Solera

In his fridge: Skoal Wintergreen Plugra butter QP Mayo Serano Ham Blue cheese stuffed-olives

Jake Brodsky Owner, NOVO Coffee

In his fridge: String cheese Milk Applesauce Hot dogs Beer * Kids dominate what's in my fridge these days.

Hosea Rosenberg Owner/chef BlackBelly Catering

Bacon or other cured, salted pig part Butter Green chile Tortillas Sriracha

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.