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Five weird foods to get your Monday off to a scary start

It's Monday, and in case you're worrying about what you did this weekend or worrying about what's ahead at work, here's a heaping helping of weird food to divert you:

To fuel your engine, how about the candy bar with the world's worst name, asse. Or to get your engine running, a nice spoonful of VegePoo, made by Kraft! This next-generation version of Vegemite, that legendary Australian treat, has the potential to become an even more famous back-of-the-world spread. And when you're ready for an oil change, saunter to the fridge and grab a bottle of this refreshing drink from Ghana: Pee Cola. But as you drop your drawers, took a look down and decide which of the following foods best describes your situation: the Big Nuts chocolate bar ...Or the dreaded Spotted Dick.

Happy Monday.

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