Flag down dinner at the Flagstaff House

At 6:30 p.m. tonight, April 15, Flagstaff House exec chef/partner Mark Monette will offer a five-course meal at his Boulder restaurant, with two beer pairings - a "complement" and a "contrast" - for each course, all designed by Adam Avery, president of Avery Brewing Co. The dinner is $68 per person, plus tax and tip; to make a reservation, call 303-442-4640.

And happy birthday, Buddha. In honor of Buddha's birthday on April 15, Parallel Seventeen exec chef/owner Mary Nyugen has rolled out a special a la carte menu that's available April 15 through 18 at her modern Vietnamese restaurant at 1600 East 17th Avenue. The regular menu is available too, of course; for details, call 303-399-0988 (or see Lori Midson's blog here).


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