Flagstaff House offers February specials fit for a Valentine's Day celebration

This week, I reviewed Flagstaff House in anticipation of Valentine's Day, and, despite my initial reservations, I thought it was an excellent choice for a celebratory affair. And the Monettes, who own the Flagstaff House, are running several February specials to further enhance the mood during the month of love -- and further entice you to choose the iconic restaurant as the setting for your evening of epic romance.

One of those is a five-course tasting menu, which starts with the chef's interpretation of a tuna sandwich (it includes slices of foie gras terrine and tuna carpaccio), moves into a gnocchi with black truffles and finishes with a decadent sticky toffee pudding and scoop of homespun white pepper ice cream. It's $63 per person and wine pairings run $40 more.

From February 11 through February 14, the chef will also offer, in addition to the regular menu, nightly specials for two. And while a host admits that he's not sure what those specials are, he did reveal that the kitchen is bringing in special ingredients that don't often appear on the menu.

And since Valentine's Day is also a holiday of decadent indulgence, the restaurant is offering a February dessert sampler for two, which includes more sticky toffee pudding, chocolate mousse and panna cotta. For less gluttonous couples, special chocolates from Seth Ellis chocolatier, or a dessert wine tasting might be better ways to consummate a romantic evening.

Let the intimate hedonism begin. Reservations can be made at 303-442-4640.

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