Flowzie, a shotgun koozie, is here . . . finally

After years of cutting dangerous and jagged holes in beer cans then awkwardly cranking our heads sideways in order to drink a beer in 4.2 seconds, our long national struggle is over: Fluid N Motion has invented the Flowzie, a shotgun koozie that keeps beer cold and allows people to easily shotgun a beer. Frat boys and NASCAR enthusiasts may now begin enthusiastically exchanging high-fives and exclaiming "Yeah, bro!"

Fluid N Motion has a patent pending on a vacuum release, which is built into the koozie and works like a button that triggers the shotgun function. Michael Le, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Fluid N Motion, says creators Chris and Brett Dunyon, who are brothers, thought of the idea for the vacuum release while looking at a push pen.

"They looked at a variety of ways to enjoy a cold drink," says Le. "The koozie insulates the drinks. They thought that if they had a device that could puncture it, it would be fun. I looked at it and said, 'Wow, what a beautiful business idea.' Most people know what a koozie is, but then they look at this thing on the side and wonder, 'What is that?'"

Flowzie hit the open market about a month and a half ago and is being marketed by Seiko Marketing, which is based in Colorado Springs. Le and the Dunyon brothers, who are based out of Utah, have been taking the Flowzie to different beer festivals, sporting events and concerts. Videos of the product in action can be seen on the Flowzie web site. Le says they sold 10,000 Flowzies in the first two weeks in business.

"A lot of people are upset and saying, "Why didn't I think of that?'" says Le.

Maybe it's because they didn't know there would be a market for a product with the contradictory functions of keeping a beer cold for an extended period of time, but also allowing people to drink it with excessive speed.

"No one has said it's an oxymoron," says Le. "What we know is it keeps the beer cold and when you're ready to shotgun it, you can."

Le also believes there will be a big market for private labeling of Flowzies. He believes bars, sporting venues, restaurants, tattoo shops and other businesses will buy Flowzies in bulk with their name and logo printed on it.

"Above everything else, this is a great branding opportunity," says Le. "Long after the beverage gets drank and thrown away this will be floating around in the public. It brings a lot of bang for the buck in terms of marketing."

Or if you simply want to drink a twelve-pack and black-out in under twenty minutes, but you've never been a beer bong fan, the Flowzie is for you.

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Kyle Garratt
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