Food Ink: Matt Selby's tatts

As part of an upcoming photo essay project spotlighting Denver restaurant pros whose tatts are as prevalent as their dissections, burns, blisters, knife slashes and stabs, we promised that we'd post some of the best on the Cafe Society blog.

Earlier this week, we posted the food ink of Brandon Biedermann, chef of Steuben's. His partner in crime, Matt Selby, executive chef of Steuben's and Vesta Dipping Grill, is today's tatted chef.

"Fennel was the first food I fell in love with," says Selby about the tattoo on the left. "The first time I touched it, I secretly thought of all it's potential." Below the fennel, explains Selby, is "salt, pepper and lemon, the rules I live by for seasoning."

You'll find more of Matt Selby's ink after the jump.

The above tattoo is "chopsticks instructions," according to Selby. "They're just goofy, but I love Asian food. Perhaps my early style was a little too influenced by Asia. Whatever. I love what I love." This, says Selby, is the "sacred peach." The sacred heart, continues Selby, "is a recurring theme throughout my tattoos. It pops up many times, mainly in produce. Not sure what else to say about that...you have your religion, I have mine." "Explorateur is my favorite cheese," confesses Selby. "And I love the rocket ship on the cheese label; I probably fell in love with the label before the cheese." Wonder Bread! "I love Wonder Bread," declares Selby, who adds that his favorite comfort food combination is bologna, American cheese, Hellman's mayonnaise and Wonder Bread. "Whenever I think of Wonder Bread, I also think of barbecued brisket, ribs, and hot links; I grew up on wonder bread," admits Selby. "This one is for my late brother Chris," reveals Selby. "It's the Hon-Dashi box cover, which he had tattooed on his stomach. Josh Ford did some great bannering and lettering behind the original design."

Got good ink? Send photos of your tatts (and the stories behind them) to cafe@westword.com.

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