Forget chocolate and peanut butter: How about beer and marijuana?

We were at Table 6 last night, at a Samuel Adams beer dinner, testing the Winter Lager, the Holiday Porter, the new Samuel Adams Barrel Aged Collection of three special brews that will only be offered in select cities, including Denver.

We were testing all kinds of beer, with one notable exception.

"Who'll be the first to brew marijuana beer?" asked one diner from Boulder, whose planning board was contemplating a moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries even as we spooned into the pork belly confit in white pear soup (and whoever came up with that combo had to be high).

A fast google came up with a partial answer: Plenty of people are already home-brewing beer with dope, and there are many, many recipes available online -- including this Cannabis beer from the Garden's Cure.

So it won't be long before some dispensary decides to combine two of Colorado's favorite recreational activities, which go together better than chocolate and peanut butter. But where will it be?

We're betting on Boulder, since after two hours of debate last night, the planning board decided to suggest only the loosest of regulations on dispensaries.

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