Fractured Prune Now Serving Doughnuts on Colorado Boulevard

If you think doughnut madness is getting a little out of hand in Denver, keep in mind that we don't even crack the top dozen cities in the country when it comes to doughnut shops per capita. Top honors go to East Coast cities like Providence, Rhode Island; Portland, Maine; Boston; and Buffalo. So it's no surprise that the newest doughnut haven in town is an import from Maryland. Fractured Prune opened yesterday at Colorado Boulevard and Mississippi Avenue, serving cake doughnuts glazed and topped to order from a list of fifteen house combos, twelve glazes and fifteen toppings.

While the name doesn't exactly inspire an appetite for doughnuts, the company claims that it is rooted in Ocean City history, where local legend Prunella Shreik became known as Fractured Prunella for the many injuries she sustained while competing in men's sports (hence the bandages on the company's logo).

Whether rooted in history or the stuff of tall tales, Fractured Prune brings something new to the Denver doughnut game: Cake doughnuts — sorry, no yeast-risen doughnuts here — are fried in small batches and are only topped when you place your order. With so many glazes and toppings, with everything from blueberry glaze to bacon crumbles, Fractured Prune says there may be as many as 155,648 possible combinations. And because of the service model, doughnuts are always served warm.

Fractured Prune is open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily and offers coffee and juices in addition to doughnuts.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.