Frank Bonanno, aka the lobster slayer, shows us how it's done

Last we heard, Frank Bonanno was none too pleased with a Cafe Society post detailing a potential new restaurant in the Bonanno empire, the information of which came from his own PR consultant.

But in the video after the jump, Bonanno cuts out the middle man, showing us firsthand how to slay and prepare a lobster -- his way.

Not too many recipes begin with lobotomy, but that's just what Bonanno calmly instructs us to do in the how-to clip on Bon Appetit's blog.

"Just cut right through their head," Bonanno explains in the step-by-step video, which details how to poach one of the prehistoric crustaceans, a summer fave. That's followed by more carnage, a hot water bath, a cold water bath, and done.

Bonanno tells Bon Appetit he goes through 50 lobster a day at his Denver restaurants. "When doing that much, and when working with an expensive product, this way makes perfect sense, especially if you're going to reheat it. Since overcooking lobster is an oft-committed crime, we think it makes sense for home cooks, too," explains Bonanno.

(Also, check out the weird, part Klezmer, part elevator music in the background.)

Or, here is a link to the video.

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