Frank's Kitchen offers up a hangover cure for New Year's Day

When Frank and Dina Berta opened Frank's Kitchen earlier this year, it quickly became part of the neighborhood, integrating into the community and picking up a crowd of regulars that use it as a go-to spot.

Frank's won't be joining the festivities with its neighbors on New Year's Eve -- the restaurant is always closed on Saturdays -- but the place does have an enticing reason to come in on New Year's Day, whether you live nearby or not.

The spot has a lot of hangover-helping food on the menu, including the Crested Butte sandwich -- a stack of two fried eggs, hash browns, pastrami, swiss, tomato, lettuce and garlic mayonnaise on rye. But on Sunday, when many spots are closed or running with staffs still suffering the effects of the previous night, the Bertas will also be serving up a traditional menudo special, because, they say, it's a traditional hangover cure.

"My friend Deborah Lee is going to come over and help me with it," Frank says. "She's a Mexican-American, and she's been making it for over thirty years. We're doing a traditional, traditional version."

One, he explains, that includes beef tripe, posole and hominy in broth served with lime, cilantro, chopped onion and tortillas. "We bought about fifteen pounds of tripe," he says. "We just have to wash it and clean it, and it should last us all day."

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