Frasca is moving...eventually

This past year, Frasca made plenty of buzz when the highly acclaimed restaurant that Jason Sheehan reviewed as Fantasy Land revealed that it would be moving from its home at 1738 Pearl Street in Boulder sometime in the future.

But not, as it turns out, in the immediate future.

Surprisingly, the number of seats in the usually jammed restaurant will remain about the same, but there will be many other changes. I talked with a source at Frasca who said these changes will be on multiple fronts. First, the kitchen space will be larger --and I'm betting will be beautiful, bright and full of windows, a la the French Laundry in Napa Valley.


Frasca co-owners Bobby Stuckey and Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson are French Laundry alums, which also explains the planned rooftop gardens where they can grow herbs and vegetables. There will also be photovoltaic panels, and they are on track to have Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design gold certification for their new building. 

Yes, new. The building will be at Ninth and Pearl, which had been occupied by Tom's Tavern, named for the late Tom Eldridge who ran the best burger joint in town.
Frasca's owners have a heavy hand in the creation of the new structure, which is being built from the ground up. The good news: Take arguably the top restaurant owners in the state and give them control of the creation of their own place, and you're going to get an amazing all-round experience.
The bad news: The move isn't slated until spring of 2010. But when Sheehan first broke the news of the move (at the end of this Bite Me), Maclachlan-Patterson had said it might take two years to get it right.
Still, you might want to make your reservations now. -- Tyler Nemkov 

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