Free burger at Red Robin today if your name is Jim -- or something like that

The phrase "say my name" may get you slapped at a bar under normal circumstances, but today it could net you a free Sweet Jim Beam Bacon Swiss burger at Red Robin. That's because on December 4, participating locations of Red Robin will give a free burger to anyone whose name is "Jim" -- or something like that. This is the second year for the Jim Day promotion; last year the Denver-based chain served 25,000 free Jim Beam burgers.

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The "Jim Day" promotion calls for giving a free Jim Beam burger to any customers with the names Jim, Jimmy, James, Jamie...or something close. How close?

I asked Red Robin's Cristin Johnson for the weirdest variation on the name "Jim" that would still garner a gratis burger. "We invite anyone with the name Jim, Jimbo, Jimmy, James, Jamie and others with a similar name to come in for a free burger on Jim Day," she says. "We enable our restaurants to use their best judgment on which Jim monikers they will accept."

The possibilities are endless. And apparently the Jim promotion extends to anyone who happens to live on Jim Street as well.

Of course, there's some fine print: Customers wanting to take advantage of the Jim Day burger offer have to dine in, and will need to verify their "Jim" status with a photo I.D. and/or proof of address.

In return, a qualified Jim-ish customer will receive the Jim Beam burger: a beef patty topped with hardwood-smoked bacon, caramelized bourbon onions, melted Swiss cheese and a sweet Jim Beam bourbon glaze, on a garlic-butter toasted brioche bun.

With a deal like that, I had to ask Johnson what other name-burger promotions were in store. How about a "Jennifer Day," for example?

"We have been doing more event days around quirky events like Jim Day, so you never know," she says. A 'Jennifer day' could be held in the future."

I'll be waiting.

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