Free donut holes and coffee on Panzano's patio

You could have a Pop-Tart or one of those cinnamon rolls with orange frosting that the Pillsbury Dough Boy pimps -- or you could chuck all that and join the downtown fray at Panzano, 909 17th Street, which is giving away 1,000 hot, fresh zeppole (that's Italian for "doughnuts") and coffee this morning between 7 and 8:30 a.m. on its patio.

The freebies are a precursor to the new zeppola program at Panzano (read our interview with chef Elise Wiggins here), where one of the chefs will crank up the doughnut machine at the restaurant each Monday morning. Two varieties are planned --a plain doughnut hole and one plumped with hazelnut chocolate ganache -- and they'll be sold by the half-dozen or dozen with prices beginning at $3 for six plain zeppole and maxing out at $7 for twelve of the chocolate suckers. Freshly brewed coffee will also be available by the cup for $2. Tax is included; so is speedy service.

But remember: This morning it's all free.

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