Free soup! Pho-Yo's grand, grand opening deal

Okay, so what's better than a new pho restaurant opening in town?  A new pho restaurant that also serves frozen yogurt!

Seriously, how can you not be excited by that?  It's so weird, so bizarrely, wrongly right, that I know you just can't wait to get there yourself.  But if you can wait a measly few (dozen) hours -- until 10 a.m. Saturday, June 13 -- then you can have something even better than soup and yogurt:

Free soup and yogurt!

That's right. A week after it actually opened, Pho-Yo (located at 2719 South Parker Road in Aurora, which means right across the strip mall from the massive H Mart, if you know your Asian Triangle geography the way I do...) is holding its grand-opening celebration on Saturday, when it will offer buy one/get one free deals on anything on the menu. And considering that the prices are already ridiculously cheap (like ten bucks for a full meal of pho and tea and a big bowl of frogurt), that's a real deal.

So clean the change out of your couch cushions or smash that piggy bank and head on down, folks. I'll likely be there before the doors open, spoon in hand, just waiting to dig in.

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