From Clams to Marmottes: A Second Helping of Westword Food & Drink, March 7-11

Gretchen Kurtz made a French connection this week when she talked to chef Mark Reggiannini about how he went from math major to chef/owner of Cafe Marmotte, one of the city's up-and-coming French eateries. Mark Antonation chugged his share of Clamato in search of a growing trend in Denver's Mexican food scene: tangy concoctions of the clam-flavored tomato drink piled high with shrimp, dried beef, fresh veggies and other snack-worthy items. 

In restaurant openings, Lowry welcomed a full-service version of restaurateur Justin Brunson's Masterpiece Deli, appropriately named Masterpiece Kitchen, while Cherry Creek got a taste of the South with the opening of Grind Kitchen + Watering Hole. In other news:

Englewood Grand, 3435 South Broadway, Englewood
Grind Kitchen + Watering Hole, 300 Fillmore Street
Masterpiece Kitchen, 84 Rampart Road
The Midwestern Saloon, 3961 Tennyson Street
Parry's Pizza, 1232 South Hover Street, Longmont

Flow Juice Bar, 208 East Seventh Avenue
Pete's Cafe & Steak House, 514 East Colfax Avenue

*Or earlier, and not reported in a previous Second Helping

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