From Comida Cantina to Caution Brewing, a second helping of Cafe Society: December 16-20

This week, Gretchen Kurtz reviewed Comida Cantina, a new restaurant that is heating up the Source. Lori Midson talked to Derek Dietz, chef/owner of the revived Bocadillo for this week's Chef and Tell. And Mark Antonation continued his travels up Federal Boulevard, stopping at and this weekMasa Asian Kitchen, which is a travel destination in itself with dishes from Japan, China, Vietnam and Thailand.

Also this week, we finally learned that Chipotle is a not-so-secret partner with Bobby Stuckey and Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson, the founders of Frasca, in Pizzeria Locale. And The expansion of microbreweries into the suburbs continued with Caution Brewing opening its second location in Lakewood. And that wasn't the only opening in town....

Opening This Week: 9th Door Caution Brewing Modmarket in Longmont Mooyah Oblio's Cap Hill Tavern

Closing This Week: Las Margaritas (at the end of service Sunday, December 22) Skoops (at the end of service Sunday, December 22)

You can review any of the restaurants mentioned in this post by clicking on their link.

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