From T-bones to dog bones, a second helping of Cafe Society: October 21-25

In this week's restaurant review, Gretchen Kurtz visits Devil's Food Bakery & Cookery, which has grown from a bakery to a breakfast and lunch spot to a dinner destination, too, particularly if you crave Southern-style chicken and waffles. Mark Antonation continues his journey up Federal Boulevard to El Rancherito, which is also open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but really shines at the morning meal. And in Chef and Tell, Lori Midson chats with Doug Mace, exec chef of CY Steak, about how he sees cooking as an "adventure from raw to cooked" -- and more, which is appropriate, since CY Steak is next door to the Diamond Cabaret.

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In other news, the muralist behind the iconic murals at The Sink passed away. And if you want to take your dog on a date, the Watering Bowl could be just the spot for you and your best friend; the owners hope to finally start pouring there this weekend.

Opening This Week:* Monkey Barrel Arch Pizza The Watering Bowl Okinawa Sushi Firehouse Subs (Centennial) The Curtis Club (postponed until November 1) Session Kitchen

Closing This Week: Al Lado, which will reopen as La Biblioteca Old Louisville Inn

*Or earlier, and not noted in a previous Second Helping.

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