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Fuel fall with Rioja's new autumn menu

Jennifer Jasinski, chef-owner of Rioja, 1431 Larimer Street, is renowned for both her use of local ingredients and seasonal menu changes. And her most recent iteration, a lovely autumn board of fall vegetables, rustic meats, sweetness and spice, earthiness and comfort, is no exception.

Her autumnal ingredients -- Brussels sprouts, Muscovy duck, black mission figs, squash, Medjool dates, sweet apples, quince, celery root, beef short ribs -- bring crisp weather glories to the plate and brilliant flavors to her Mediterranean cooking. Not surprisingly, the new menu spotlights a whole raft of standouts, including the soul-warming braised wagyu boneless beef short rib paired with creamy farro studded with Gorgonzola and a pear and arugula salad, and the gloriously rosy Muscovy duck breast, sliced and fanned, and served with pistachio and pine nut-stuffed Medjool dates and risotto with saffron and Manchego.

Several of the dishes from Jasinski's fall menu, including the short ribs, are also in her soon-to-be-published cookbook, The Perfect Bite, which should be released in November, just in time to stuff the stockings of all your favorite foodniks. For more information about Rioja, or to make reservations, call 303-820-2282.

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Lori Midson
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