Fuss-Off Will Pour Out the Foam and Fun Tonight

Hipster is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days, and in its overuse it has lost much of its original meaning. There are certain looks, activities and pastimes that remain synonymous with the word, however. Mustaches, for example, persist as a perennial adornment of many hipsters. It could be argued that thick rimmed glasses and an affinity for all things rare, elusive and quirky are other earmarks of a hipster.

A part of Colorado Craft Beer Week, Fuss-Off may just be the quintessential hipster event, and a true hipster's dream come true. Handlebar mustaches and beards. Check. Over-sized glasses. Check. (Dress code is "fussy or hipster formal.") Rare craft beers. Check. A mysterious and exclusive location. Check. This secret beer festival will take place from 6 to 9 p.m. tonight somewhere in downtown Denver, but only those with tickets will know where — and even they will only find out by e-mail this morning — if they've already signed up.  Even the beer list won't be released until just before the event. 

You can get in the know and enjoy some great beers for $50 by clicking here. And watch for more on Colorado Craft Beer Week in our beer calendar coming later today.

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