GABF Gives Euclid Hall a Big Boost, Bigger Numbers Expected Tonight

As an example of the economic boost the Great American Beer Festival gives to downtown Denver every year, Euclid Hall -- one of the top beer destinations within walking distance of the Colorado Convention Center -- did 1,195 covers yesterday. To put that in perspective, a standard Thursday in September runs about 550 to 650 covers, according to manager Julia Bouchard. Tonight they expect the number to top 1,600.

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Bouchard adds that this is the fifth year in a row that the restaurant has beaten the previous year's numbers, primarily because Euclid Hall has become such a destination for festival-goers, both before and after the sessions.

Part of the numbers come from Euclid Hall's annual Midnight Breakfast, the $125 per person feast Thursday night that combined some of the kitchen's most adventurous offerings with special-releases and vintage beers from Avery Brewing Co.

According to Bouchard, the restaurant has beefed up its kitchen staff this weekend to handle the extra volume with "Euclid family" -- previous employees who come in to lend a hand. Owner/chef Jennifer Jasinski and Stoic & Genuine's Jorel Pierce (who was previously Euclid Halls' chef de cuisine) were even on hand as the team split into two, using the basement prep kitchen to put out dishes for the Midnight Breakfast.

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