Garbanzo adds a kids' menu and a reward program

The homegrown chain of Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill restaurants has added kid's items to the lineup. "We wanted to give parents the opportunity to bring their kids and not battle the Mediterranean menu," explains Alon Mor, a restaurant veteran who founded Garbanzo in 2007. "We are finding out that kids are coming in for peanut butter and jelly and eating a falafel, so it was just to break down the barrier."

Mor has also introduced customer-loyalty cards for frequent eaters at his growing string of restaurants, which currently includes seven locations (with an eighth set to open soon at 3453 West 32nd Avenue).

The kids meals are $3.99 each, and include everything from traditional Mediterranean bowls to a simple pita, peanut butter and jelly sandwich; they all come with a side and a beverage. "For side items, we have our garbanzo chips or apples and organic chocolate or regular milk, so it can be a very healthy menu," Mor says. "Fresh and healthy is a big thing these days. Food in today's America is just horrible for kids. We are trying to be in tune with kids, health and our customers as a whole."

Staying in tune with customers also led to the rewards program. "We have very loyal customers," Mor continues. "They asked for a frequency program, and we have a very neat one. It's a surprise. So one day you can come in and get a pita and get this many points and then one day you can come in and get a free meal."

On some days, though, the reward is guaranteed: "On your birthday and anniversary you get it for sure," Mor says, "and then other days it's based on a surprise factor."

To sign up for the frequency program, stop by a Garbanzo outlet or just go to www.EatGarbanzo.com.

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