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Get a pizza the NBA action

The NBA finals are just a double dribble away, and the National Basketball Association has applied some outside-the-box thinking to inside a cardboard pizza box: While watching the game at home, you can now enjoy a pizza with your favorite team's logo melted onto the pie.

Rick Ellison, licensee for Pizza Fest Edible Image, told USA Today that the goal of his venture is to help fans enjoy "the experience for themselves." If he considers a wafer-like logo made of such all-American ingredients as sugar, starch and food coloring an "experience," he also might have some swampland to show you.

"Most Americans don't make it to an NBA game," Ellison notes. But they can pay NBA-like prices, since the upcharge on every pizza with a team's logo is a ridiculous $5.

Just don't dribble any sauce on the TV screen.

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